15th International Conference on

Information Technology : New Generations

ITNG 2018

April 16-18, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


(Proceedings and Book Chapters to be published by Springer)


The conference offers the following awards:
1. Best Student Paper Award
2. Best Poster Paper Award

Best Student Paper Award
Papers submitted by students will be considered for the award. To be eligible, the student must be the sole author, or the first author and primary contributor. A cover letter or email to the General Chair must identify the paper as a candidate for this competition at the time of the submission.

Best Poster Paper Award
Accepted short papers for the conference will be considered for this award based on significance, clarity, technical soundness and quality of presentation.

Previous Awardees

  • ITNG 2017 Best Paper: "Randomized Event Sequence Generation Strategies for Automated Testing of Android Apps", David Adamo , Renee Bryce, University of North Texas, USA

  • ITNG 2017 Best Poster: " An Agile Developed Interdisciplinary Approach for Safety-Critical Embedded System", Gildarcio Sousa Goncalves, Rafael Augusto Lopes Shigemura, Paulo Diego Barbosa da Silva, Rodrigo Monteiro de Barros Santana, Erlon Silva, Alheri Dakwat, Fernando Jose Miguel, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias, Paulo Marcelo Tasinaffo and Adilson Marques da Cunha, ITA, Brazil

  • ITNG 2016 Best Paper: "Analysis of DDoS Attacks and an Introduction of a Hybrid Statistical Model to Detect DDoS Attacks on Cloud Computing Environment", Angela Chan, Alexander Gamino, Frederick Harris and Sergiu Dascalu, University of Nevada, Reno, USA

  • ITNG 2016 Best Poster: " Developing Predictable Vehicular Distributed Embedded Systems on Multi-core", Saad Mubeen, Thomas Nolte and Kurt-Lennart Lundbäck, Mälardalen University, Sweden

  • ITNG 2015 Best Paper: "Analysis of DDoS Attacks and an Introduction of a Hybrid Statistical Model to Detect DDoS Attacks on Cloud Computing Environment", Anteneh Girma, Moses Garuba, Jiang Li and Chunmei Lui, Howard University, USA

  • ITNG 2015 Best Poster: "Evaluation of accomplishment of DO-178C objectives by CMMI-DEV 1.3", Alan Ferreirós and Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias, Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA), Brazil

  • ITNG 2014 Best Paper: "Lossless Codebook-Based Digital Watermarking Scheme with Authentication", Geum-dal Park, Dae-Soo Kim and Kee-Young Yoo, Kyungpook National University

  • ITNG 2014 Best Poster: "Map Building based on Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicle", Minsung Kang, SoojungHur and Yongwan Park, Yeongnam University

  • ITNG 2013 Best Paper: "Digital image watermarking for authentication based on the dyadic wavelet transform and interval arithmetic", Ryuji Ohura, Saga University, Japan

  • ITNG 2013 Best Poster: "A Comparative Research between SCRUM and RUP using Real Time Embedded Software Development", Strauss Cunha, Adilson Cunha, Felipe Cardoso and Luiz Zanetti, Brazilian Aeronautics Institute of Technology, Brazil

  • ITNG 2012 Best Paper: "Multilevel Graph Partitioning Scheme To Solve Traveling Salesman Problem", Atif Ali Khan, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

  • ITNG 2012 Best Poster: "Retargetable Netlists Generation and Structural Synthesis based on A Meta Hardware Description Language : Melasy+ ", Sho Nishida and Katsumi Wasaki, Shinshu University, Japan

  • ITNG 2011 Best Paper: "System-Aware Cyber Security", Rick Jones (PhD Student), Barry Horowitz, University of Virginia, USA

  • ITNG 2011 Best Poster: "Toward a Tailored Modeling of Non-Functional Requirements for Telecommunication Systems", Mehrdad Saadatmand, Antonio Cicchetti, Diarmuid Corcoran and Mikael Sjödin, Mälardalen University, Sweden

  • ITNG 2010 Best Paper: "Continuous Biometric User Authentication in Online Examinations", Eric Flior (PhD Student), Kazimierz Kowalski, California State University Dominguez Hills, USA

  • ITNG 2010 Best Poster: "Flexile Middleware: Responding to Operational Demands of Critical Network-Based Applications", Thomas A. Dubois, Richard Perry , Boeing, USA

  • ITNG 2009 Best Paper: "Design Patterns reuse for Real Time Embedded Software Development", Gabriel de Souza Pereira Moreira (MS Student), Denis Ávila Montini, Daniela América da Silva, Felipe Rafael Motta Cardoso, Luiz Alberto Vieira Dias and Adilson Marques da Cunha, Brazilian Aeronautics Institute of Technology, Brazil

  • ITNG 2009 Best Poster: "A Pervasive System for enabling Older Adults to cope with Depression by motivating them to Socialize", Aguirre, Marcela D. Rodriguez and Angel G. Andrade , University of Mexico, Mexico

  • ITNG 2008 Best Paper: "Watermarking: A New Approach", Imad Muhi El-Ddin, Ph.D Student, School of Mathematical Sciences, Claremont Graduate University, USA

  • ITNG 2008 Best Poster: "Evaluation of a middleware System for Accessing Digital Music Libraries in Mobile Services", Paraskevi Lampropoulou, Aristomenis Lampropoulos and George Tsihrintzis, University of Piraeus, Greece

  • ITNG 2007 Best Paper: "Reliable Data Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks via Out-of-Sequence Forwarding and Delayed Request for Missing Packet", Damayanti Datta, Ph.D Student, Dept. of Computer Science, Louisiana State University

  • ITNG 2006 Best Paper: "An Investigation of Bad Smells in Object-Oriented Design", Raed Shatnawi and Wei Li, Computer Science Dept., The University of Alabama in Huntsville

  • ISNG 2005 Best Paper: "A Design for a Fractal Image Compressor", Patrick Robinson and Tai-Chi Lee, Dept. of Computer Science, Saginaw Valley State University

  • ISNG 2004 Best Paper: "Secure Weighted Data Aggregation in Sensor Networks", Lydia Ray, Ph.D Student, Dept. of Computer Science, Louisiana State University


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General Chair

Shahram Latifi, Professor




General Vice Chair

Doina Bein, PhD






Program Committee

Kohei Arai, Japan

Nader Bagherzadeh, USA

Wolfgang Bein, USA

Glauco Carneiro, Brazil

Narayan Debnath, USA

Vieira Dias, Brazil

Laxmi, Gewali, USA

James McCaffrey, USA

Teruya Minamoto, Japan

Yenumula Reddy, USA

Kashif Saleem, SA

Anna Scaglione, USA

Hal Sudborough, USA

Christoph Thuemmler, UK

Ping Wang, USA